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The piece travels well.

Ashes to Ashes - 2015
3.7m H X 1 m W

Winner 'Peoples Choice Award' 2015 Sculptures by the Sea
Bondi - (Photo right)

Winner WA Sculptor Scholarship Award 2015.Sculptures by the Sea Cottesloe

Reflecting on all the people contained within I feel love.

Kim Perrier







David Handley, Founding Director of Sculpture by the Sea, The Hon. Malcolm Turnbull Prime Minister of Australia and Ian McGill, Partner at Allens Linklaters with the Allens Bondi People’s Choice Award 2015 recipient ‘Ashes to Ashes‘

Ashes to Ashes is an example of the creative process manifesting itself or as I believe being led by the spirit within the work. I watched it grow.

I knew I wanted to use a tree stump and I knew I wanted to experiment with charcoal and this is the end result.

I discovered at the Bondi show after talking to people over five days that the majority treated it as a sacred sculptural work. A sculpture for the people by people. And tears flowed for its impartial honesty and presence.

The greatest gift any artist can recieve is when a work creates a deep and personnel reaction for it's audiance. I was allowed to feel this through its exposure in Perth and Sydney with a total audiance of over 700,000 people. Though my verbal encounters were few in comparison I was amazed by the reaction. I felt so fortunate to be able on a few occasions to help blind people see the work and voice their thoughts.

Bondi Sculptures by the Sea 2015

Know elements about the sculpture:

There are 65 faces in total.

Every face is in a state of contentment or meditation.

- An onlooker expressed an ineresting comment, "Everyone in the tree wants to be there".

By chance people from every continent in the world are represented. I am aware of 20 nationalities.

9 cultural groups of people are represented. Aboriginal, Indian (India), Indonesian, North American Indian, Maori, African, Chinese, European.

WA Noogars; Aboriginals from the Southwest, believed that Noongar Spirits became Mauri; Red Gum Trees, when they passed to the other side.

A Noongar Elder Euegene Eades, remarked about the work: "If you add up the combined ages of the people there'd be almost 2000 years of humanity in there."

Every culture from the dawn of time has created stories about the spirits of trees.

The tree is estimated to be approx. 450 years old.

I would love to be able to give you a gem of wisdom about this work but I cannot.

Some creations take years to realise subtle yet meaningful truths contained within. I hope to understand more in a much shorter period of time.

Everyone asked to comment about this piece at the Bondi exhibition gave a different opinion or feeling.

Please feel free to email me yours impressions or place it in our Facebook page please.

Cottesloe - Sculptures by the Sea 2015

The black spot on the back of the tree is a young person, in reverse, pushing into the tree.

Materials: Marri (Red Gum Tree)
Jarrha Charcoal
Stainless steel
Mild Steel
Galvanised Steel

Ashes to Ashes is difficult to photograph because of its 3.7 meter height.

Here are close-up shots containing 65 people (left Bottom -Top right)