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Kim Perrier






'Butterflies are Free'

Bronze, Lead Crystal Glass

Edition 1/7 Life Size

Butterflies adapted from 'Learning aids for the Blind' project. Original recreation electroformed
in copper and life like texture grown to become a highly realistic bas-relief.

The first in my new series to celebrate the Nature Spirits.

Walking through a wooded glen I scared up a flurry of butterflies. They rose as one, a maiden appeared transformed by their being.

My use of materials reflects the transient nature of humanity portrayed in crystal, we require true substance. Nature on the other hand is substantial and more resilient as is bronze, it is an anchor and in myth eternal.

Though nature will survive without humanity we would not survive without its fantastic biodiversity. Our problem stems from a loss of connection.

I prefer to label this style as Fantastique. I love the simplicity that is provided by the grace of innocent beauty.


In 1974 while driving through a remote area in British Columbia, Canada. I rounded a corner to discover a migration of Monarch Butterflies. I stopped and walked into the cloud of millions of Monarchs migrating south to Mexico; a massive journey of thousands of miles.

The sun was virtually blotted out by this amazing cloud as they flitted slowly moving in unison in a southerly direction. One of life's magic moments that transports me back in time to again revisit this wonder.

No doubt the inspiration for this piece is connected.