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Small Works or Paper Weights - No Longer Available
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Welcome to my Collectable Objects page. Once you could buy these but alas no more.

These Crystal pieces may be classified as a paperweight yet I call them fantastique tactile objects.

As glass art sculptures they are hand held treasures to be stroked and caressed.
They all conform to sizes between 60 mm to 70 mm in diameter and between 270 grams and 460 grams in weight due to the very high lead crystal content.

I did not see these as traditional glass objects yet as contemporary glass sculpture.

A wonderful thing is that every piece is totally unique to itself, that was a great fuel to continue to produce them.

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Kim Perrier






Gecko & Jewel Beetle
Scarab's Retreat
Dragonfly Dusk
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Night Creeper
The Hunters
Aqua Egg
Making these were my introduction to casting and finishing glass so they certainly served a their purpose.
I firmly believe that Sculpture is Treasure.
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The Lead Crystal used in these pieces is a 40% lead crystal which could be consider the finest glass available. Due to this high lead content the light reflectivity (refractive index) is very high. I would suggest that the works are optimally lit from top and bottom to gain the true nature of the glass.

The Insects and Reptiles, now incorporated into these works, were originally designed as learning aids for Blind Children and Adults. Hence the enhanced level of realism.

Tree Frogs Smile
Ecology a Silent Thought