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2014- 2015 Series

2015 - 2016 Series


Humanature is a new sculptural development by Kim Perrier. It seems as if the use of Tree Bark in this manner has never been seen in this form.

Through the ages mankind has used Bark for shelter, clothing, food and water vessels yet we have found no evidence of it having been used to depict life size people.

I have chosen to call these sculptures the" Humanature Series", naming each work seems to isolate them and I would like to think of them more as a tribe.

Commisions accepted. POA

Kim Perrier





I refer to this work by the french style:


(edited Wiki definition)

What is distinctive about the fantastique is the intrusion of supernatural phenomena into an otherwise realist narrative.

It evokes phenomena which are not only left unexplained but which are inexplicable from the reader's point of view. In this respect, the fantastique is somewhere between fantasy, where the supernatural is accepted and entirely reasonable in the imaginary world of a non-realist narrative, and magic realism, where apparently supernatural phenomena are explained and accepted as normal.

Instead, characters in a work of fantastique are, just like the readers, willing to accept the supernatural events that occur.

Humanity once understood the messages in the wind and walked as one with their world. They spoke the language of their world and respected each living or departed spirit singing them into the next world.

Only a few isolated and endangered tribes are left in this world, they should be realised and celebrated as "The last of the real people".

We may seek to find god, nirvana ,internal peace or a greater insight. We must only listen to the wind in the trees to refresh our senses, to leave our lonely place and share eternity in a moment.

Your search for spirit, it may find you and be known, yet it must also be believed.

We live in dark times and must allow any light of wisdom or spark of spirit to walk with us.

I prefer to photograph these sculpture where I collected the Bark, like taking them home.
Part of the Humanature Tribe found Dancing in a Sacred Spot