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Maria Santissima Della Salute
(Our Lady of Good Health) 2009

Kim Perrier





The Process



Life size - directly sculpted in plaster. 1.8 mtr. H X 900mm W (not including the Halo or Base)

A great challenge, to attempt to sculpt "0 gravity" as she floats on her cloud. The work is directly sculpted in plaster which was also an enormous challenge.

I choose plaster because the Madonna is carried in a precession annually.

Plaster will stand the test of time. A great many sculptures in plaster are hundreds of years old. This sculpture is made of a high tech plaster which is resilient to moisture or cracking.

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I was very lucky to work with good clients who allowed me the freedom to interpret what they wanted into this sculpture. To those who worked with me, thanks to Bruno Nataro (Jeweller, Goldsmith) Cameron Gordon (Painter, Gold Gilding) for their skills and untiring work.

Finished Madonna in the Church

Saint Jeromes - Spearwood Western Australia