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Northcliffe Understory Sculpture Walk
Perrier - Rising from the Ashes Collection

50 Northcliffe Residents depicted in Charcoal
2015 - 2016
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Kim Perrier







This commission consists of 50 works produced in Charcoal depicting residents of Northcliffe.

The remote South West town was in the direct line of fire when a massive blaze tore through nearly 100 hectares of bush in February 2015.

This work is in commemoration of the community spirit that pulled together during such hardship.

The Young Lovers

This commission followed the development of "Ashes to Ashes" in 2015.

I feel honoured and humbled to have been given the freedom to inhabit this unique forest with the cast residents of Northcliffe.

A most curious fact is that the charcoal sculptures created their own spirit identity and energy as the models likeness changed into a different energy. These pieces manifested their rightful place within the forest as caretakers, legends, holy people, ancestors, guardians, or what ever the observer perceives.

Charcoal has a power, carbon power. We need to become more aware of carbon as its significance in this world could be perceived as next to Godly. Carbon is the great connector of elements with the wider universe and makes our world what it is. It is our creator and our destroyer.

Your dry weight is approximately 51% carbon. Your DNA is held together in part by carbon.

Every life form on this planet is primarily carbon. Most of the substances that surround us contain Carbon. We are Carbon Nature.

My pathway to work pushing the wheel barrow full of tools and a ladder for a good period of time.

This was a wonderful world to become part of over a 10 month period. The forest slowly revealed its secret hiding spots as I gained an awarness of place and those inhabiting it.

I became one of the few people lucky enough to grow a close friendship with this path due to the time I spent on it.

I had to give up once winter set in as my glue would not set.

The forest took me through all of its season's finishing 1 year to the date of commencent.

CARBON is spirit and soul.
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Kim Perrier a Canadian, Australian sculptor working with lead crystal glass creating Highly Realistic Sculptures that are frozen moments in time. Perrier's online glass gallery incorporates crystal object d'art and one-off crystal sculptures in his glass collection. Crystal sculpture by glass artist Kim Perrier is available from selected Art Galleries, online galleries and represents the finest collectibles and contemporary cast glass art. Classic crystal utilising the Patte du Verre process, carved glass and sandblasting glass techniques. Art Glass Sculptures in full Lead Crystal, via Pate De Verre is an ancient method of casting art glass and object d'art predominantly used during the Art Nouveau Period . Mr. Perrier sees his work as furthering techniques in contemporary art glass developed by Rene Lalique, Daum, Emile Galle and other artists of the period. Perrier's contemporary approach to fine sculptural art glass takes this medium to the next level and establishes a new standard in the craft and form.. Mr. Perrier is represented in National and State Galleries within Australia, Perrier's Sculptural Art Glass is unique Internationally.