Kim Perrier






Perrier CV for print

  • Kim Perrier, received a scholarship and studied at the Vancouver School of Art, Canada 1972

  • Family immigrated to New Zealand

  • Kim moved to Australia 1978.

Represented in the:

  • National Gallery Collection, Canberra
  • National Mapping Library, Canberra

  • Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth

  • Art Gallery of the Northern Territory, Darwin

  • Private Collections Internationally

  • Northcliffe Understory Sculpture Park
    Rising from the Ashes Collection 2016

  • Participated in National and International Touring Exhibitions

  • Exhibited in New York: International Arts Expo
  • Recipient of an Australian National Craft Acquisition Award
  • Inaugural Horton's Wine Sculpture Award
  • 2015 Sculptures by the Sea Cottesloe (Perth) West Australian Sculptor Scholarship Award
  • 2015 Sculptures by the Sea Bondi (Sydney) Peoples Choice Award
  • Numerous publications, Televised Documentaries

Kim Perrier has undertaken large scale concept projects such as:
Creating the opening sequence for the Inaugural Shanghai International Arts Festival
Designing and engineering for Sultan of Brunei Royal Golf Course Waterfall
Engineering development - Sultan of Brunei 50th birthday gift from the Nation; largest fabricated diamond in the world.

I live to push boundaries. Crystal is the most challenging material I have worked with and the most rewarding.

I am driven to create an impression about our world that too many seem to take for granted.

Magic and beauty surrounds us yet is so often veiled by human confusion.

Proud of my Canadian heritage!

Realism contained within any Art Form allows us to celebrate the wonders of our physical world or the magic and mystery of our metaphysical selves within this world.

A great challenge for me is realising, and merging the primary elements of Realism and Abstract forms together.

The marriage of these two elements and developing an equality so they can coexist is my quest with each work.

Artists are explorers of realms that lie between the known and the yet unseen. I ask you to look beyond what you think is there and explore deeper for a fresh understanding.

Inspired we look more closely at the unique wonders and fragility of our planet, of the small beings all around us and share understandings of earth's rich biodiversity.

I live in the Southwest corner of Western Australia; considered by some as one of the isolated places on the planet.

Isolation has been one of the greatest catalysts for my continued personal growth and in pushing boundaries.When you live so far from what some call "the real world" one becomes very self sufficient.

This page would not be complete without giving credit to my wife Marie. Thank you for helping me to be myself and explore my greater potential.

Cast Lead Crystal Dragonfly Paperweight.