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Bronze, Lead Crystal Glass, Silver, Gold
1220mm H X 440mm W

Life size Edition 1/7

Rush - 2010

As the wind continued to resculpt the reeds and rush's, a presence was felt.

In the natural world the whole is entirely present. What are the fresh possibilities it offers a world dangerously out of balance.

Rush is a moment caught in time as the wind conjers up a spirit of a young maiden her form resting in space. Miraculously she takes on a solid mass long enough for a dragonfly to perch on her finger for an instance between the next movement of wind as it dances past.

Kim Perrier






Glass casting is in the hands of the gods no two hands would ever be the same.


A Dragonfly adapted for learning aid's for the blind project. Original recreation ectroformed in copper and life like texture grown to become a base relief, highly realistic..