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Exploring the Fragile Reef - Lead Crystal Glass - 2004
(9 Components) H - 300 mm x W - 250 mm
H - 12" x W 10"

Exploring the Fragile Reef is a component sculpture composed of 9 pieces. This sculpture allows the viewer to manipulate and change the composition at will.

Though glass is obviously a fragile material the Coral Reef's surrounding earth are similarly fragile in nature. Structure within organic elements creates a strength due to its structure. Straight edges and flat planes on the other hand is opposite in its strength capacity. We have to compensate for our material useage such as in a geo-spheres, arch's etc. to gain this strenght. Have a look at Gaudi's work - remarkable understanding and practical execution, I love organic geometry as well as Kaos.

The abstract element's of nature can take on a personnel creative expression. Attempting to justify a known species blocks the creative process by becoming to analytical.

Perrier Collection

Kim Perrier



The Process


Detail closeup
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