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Rising from the Ashes

The Young Lovers - 2017

Just as life continues to support new growth so does the spirit of life.
For every tree that falles in the forest its life blood may also endure. If the tree falls victim to fire a thread of bark is enough to continue to provide growth to new cells.
Just as age tortures the human form so do the tree's reveal their age, yet new life can manifest in its place.

Materials- Jarrah Bark, Jarrah Charcoal, Laterite Pebbles, Silk Leaves and plastic gumnuts.

Kim Perrier






A life size piece adorning the entrance wall of the Northcliffe Visitors center.
This is also the entrance to the
"Under Story Sculpture Trail'

I thought it was fitting to create a work that portrayed new life emerging from the burnt remains of a tree half buried in gravel.

After creating 50 works from charcoal in my "Rising from the Ashes" collection in the Park, it was time to generate a different image of hope for the future.